graphic + update

ummm am actually leaving to Khobar today but before that I thought of doing a graphic...well I actually thought it would be useful to increase the storage of recycle bin...but guess what it did not!
I persoanlly like it! its one of my best definitely (not bragging but just making sure it is) ...Wondering what Fiero is? actually half way thorugh I was kinda disappointed that I wont be using it anymore so instead of not using it I decided to start a new project Fiero..and yes I did....dont worry it wont have an ending like Toxic did....i'll try my best to keep Fiero at its best...:D The graphic has a lot of flaws but it seems less in number , comparing to my older graphics...what do you think?
Do you like the graphic? please rate and coment..!!


  1. you do know that no one will be able to see your new magazine because you changed the URL and it messes the updates up...

    1. i believe its opena atm..i changed the url and now again the new url is fiero-mag.blogspot.com....you'll get it..!!!

    2. no, you are not listening to me, all the people who followed the blog when it was called toxic will not recieve the updates.

    3. thnks for letting me know! google deleted the account for sm unknown reason! so its off!

  2. To be honest I don't like it, it just looks ... kinda odd to me. Sorry.