How Sad...

If you remember my previous post I showed you two hairs I was working on. One of which belonged to a personal graphic. At first I was extatic with the results, but now... meh.

The only part I really like of this graphic is the hair. How sad is it that I'm quite honestly bored with graphics atm? Well, I might finish this later, but for now, its in the "throw away" pile.

Don't hate on it, mkay? Or you can, either way, I'm not very happy with the results.
BTW, I did not shade the skirt (except for the belt-like part), so that's for the no-folds-in-sight aspect of it.


  1. even though you weren't able to finish it, the finished parts are just adorable :)

  2. Yeah, I'm getting bored with making graphics too. ~Alana/ ask510

  3. I really wanna see a different hairstyle from you, maybe like a long hair with a middle parting or maybe a fringe? X

  4. What are you talking about? This is awesome!!
    And yes, making graphics is quite boring atm. Right now I'm working like 10 minutes on my graphics every day. xD