From space

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I've been pretty bored today. I hate having no school - at least after several month of break! blaaaah, hope you like the graphic though. Please comment and rate!

Model: --Kayley


  1. I love the hair!
    But I'm not too fond of the skin shading in the hands or the nose =S

    Good job though! Love K xxx

    1. I know especially the hand that is in front of her face freaked me out! The nose thing is how she has it with hairdesign and I decided to keep it, cause it really changed her face too much when I removed it!
      oh well, but thank you! :-)

  2. Hello, I am a big fan of the graphic vault it's great, I have a new up and coming project, and your graphics are , so wonderful, I want to tell you about it, I am sending lot's of famous designers this!

  3. THATS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE STARDOLL TOPS! I love the way youve made it to fit the graphic, ijust think the medolls hair doesnt compliment the face very well