Bad hair day?

Been doing some work on just hair, so not much to show really =) And I decided I needed a better post title than "Graphic" which mine usually are, and this is the best hair related phrase I could come up with - ha!
I think I prefer the shape of the second one but the shading of the first(think I kinda gave up on the second one towards the end!).
For me, these are pretty good as I'm absolutely rubbish at hair(we all know that!) - over the next days, I'll definitely be working on more hair, I really want to start getting it at least a little right!!!
Love K xxx


  1. i think they're both great! i really suck so hard at hair so this is exceptional compared to what i could produce

  2. i agree, your hairs are getting better!

  3. I love them! I prefer the first one because of the fringe and the shading, as you already said. :)