Allison Harvard - unfinished graphic

Hey guys, I started this a few weeks ago then left it, So I was looking though my files this morning and thought 'why not try and finish it off?'

Well, It's kind of finished, but no finished in a way (if you understand?)
Anyway here it is, I'm not doing a body, and also I'm just showing it here and its not going anywhere (just a practice/bored graphic)

I do think I am improving greatly, but I still need to work on lots of things.

Obviously It's Allison Harvard from ANTM and she is also 'Internet famous'.

What do you think? Please rate and comment :)


  1. Anonymous1/8/12 17:42

    was she the girl on antm

    1. yes, I stated that in the text.

    2. Anonymous3/8/12 00:19

      oh, sometimes i dont look closely at some words but i really l♥ve this graphic :)

  2. omg this is like the best thing ever! It's a graphic of my inspiration, I love her and I completely recognised her! This is amazing:)