Thank you!

There's not much to say than thank you! I wanted to make a graphic to say how grateful I am for the support. I also recorded the making of this, check out the video below.
The model for this graphic is Seasonalhotbuys. I hope her doll isn't completely unrecognizable. I needed a younger, more happy look. From now on I'm going to start using people's dolls as models, instead of ones I make up myself.

Thank you once again,


  1. its lovely! i just think the background clashes with the outfit

  2. Well done Veera! its absolutely amazing, I love it so much&congrats for getting 1OOO subs. wow omg<3<3<3

  3. Anonymous6/7/12 01:43

    Fabulous job, and congrats on 1000 subscribers, that's amazing! Oh, and btw, what tool did you use to create the white "outline" on the medoll?

    1. Thank you! :) For the outline, I combined the whole doll into one layer, then selected it by clicking the layer thumbnail (alpha to selection in Gimp). Then I expanded the selection and filled it with white. I hope that explains. And remember to have a duplicate of the doll on top of that layer. :)

  4. Wow you made that tranny devil seasonalhotbuy look like an angle. Great job!:)