Heya =)

Hey, so my exams are finally finished!!! Yay - except the last one this morning was horrible and I didn't finish it, but still, I'm FREE!!!
Was making a graphic, but then decided I didn't like the clothes, and couldn't be bothered finishing it, but I really think I'm starting to improve with my hair, so though I'd show you anyway =)

Love K xxx

P.S I'm thinking about buying an iPod touch, and just wondered if anyone who had one could let me know what they think about them, how easy they are to use, and anything you might think I should know before buying one. I'm quite set on an iPod touch, but my dad wants me to consider other tablet devices as he thinks I would find one of them more useful, I did quite fancy a Kindle Fire, but it could be a while until we see them here in the UK =(


  1. I think that it's amazing and your hair looks great! ♥ (I wish I could do one of those :))
    I just found out this blog and I've joined the "FOLLOWERS" thing. I think it's great! I will try and visit this website more often because I am amazed by work you've done here!
    Would you like to visit my blog as well? It's not as good (I've started it 2 months ago :P), but it would be nice if you could just have a look at my graphics and maybe give me some advice? :)

    By the way; english is my second language, so if I've done any stupid mistakes I am really sorry! :)

  2. Anonymous18/5/12 00:39

    I have an Ipod touch, though quite frankly I hardly use it. At first its quite fun to use, but then it gets boring after a while (maybe because I'm sucky at finding good apps). If anything, if you are set on buying an ipod touch, make sure you will be using it a lot, otherwise its not worth buying. Its quite simple to use, though some features are a bit tricky to get used to, but I got acquainted with mine and knew most of the features after using mine for a few hours :)

  3. I had an ipod touch but I don't use it as I have an iphone now. But I do totally reccomend them. They are really easy to use, and once you get a few pages of good apps they're pretty good. :)