Wow, it's been a month!

I can't believe it's been a month since my last graphic - but I've just been so busy, it's quite good that I've managed to do one today, I went shopping this morning, and decided I might as well take the rest of the day off studying and planned to do a graphic, which I've now completed! It's just a little something for the header of my graphics blog, and it's not my best work - I am definitely a bit rusty with my tablet! 
The skin is a bit messy, but it's not too bad, the hair is a bit iffy in some places - I love the two little chignons(so adorable!), but the bit kinda under them toward the middle of the head itself is a bit ... weird, I think I was a bit too happy that I was making a graphic when I was doing that section!
Anyway, I like the image on my graphics blog header, it's much better than the last one, more modern and definitely shows my skills more than the other one(the hair on that one ... lets just say "spew"!!!)

Anyway, comment away =)

Love K xxx


  1. Wow I really like the hair too but like you said, the middle is a bit iffy. Otherwise it's really cute!

  2. I think the skin has worked out well, the hand has a lot of detail and has turned out great! The hair technique is amazing in some places, but like you said iffy in others. I think this is a good graphic:)

  3. Are you kidding me? This is just flawless! It's so cute, fresh, edgy and pretty! And your doll looks very nice in that hairstyle!

    I also can't help myself from saying that the hands are my favorite part. They look so neat and nicely done!

  4. I really like the hairstyle, I could even seeing myself wearing something like that ;) The arm is a bit awkward with a random line towards the bottom of the graphic, but I don't really prefer random lines on graphics anyways haha

    1. It's not a random line, it's meant to emphasise the bone on the wrist - this bone is different in everyone, some people it protrudes quite a lot(like mine), and some people barely notice it at all.