Graphic for RNTM Magazine

Hey guys! :)
I've finally managed to finish a graphic which I had started two weeks ago. I'll be using the graphic for the covergirl photoshoot for 'RNTM Backstage Magazine'. The model is mathildamath. (I noticed that I'm using her doll quite often for my graphics O.o)
I didn't really have much time for graphics this month because of stress at school. But I hope I will finish the magazine very soon, I will then show you the graphics.

Anyway, here's the graphic.

This ain't my best work. I'm not sure about the hair, something just doesn't look right, but I won't change it (no time, too lazy..)
I'm quite happy about the dress, I think I'm getting better at clothes shading. :)

What do you think?? Comment please! :3
xoxo Rafael

Update: I won't be using this graphic for the magazine any longer. I somehow have to agree with the people who commented, it simply looks cheap and tacky.


  1. Thanks :)I'm not so sure about the upper part of the hair and the dress is very casual, but nevertheless it#s okay ^.^

    xoxo cathy

  2. sorry but this looks awful. something about your shading technique makes all your graphics look cheap and unrealistic. the clavicle is a complete mess, it should continue up into the shoulder, whereas it appears to just stop before the dress strap. the dress looks like it was on sale for $2 at walmart, and the shading looks forced and too heavy. the hair is also painfully unshaded. there's literally nothing i like about this graphic.

    1. ALL my graphics? I thought you liked my Lana Del Rey inspired graphic ;P
      Anyway, thanks for your critic. I will keep on working on my technique. :)

    2. i mainly liked it because it was lana inspired haha, i did like other things about it too though. i'm not trying to defend or belittle you, im just trying to help haha

  3. The pose looks bad to me. Something you'd see on a men's magazine. And I have to agree with Jack about the dress. Although I think your technique is alright. Besides everyone uses a different one.

    And the models breasts look pressed while in such a pose, as a female, I know they are more loose. (Sorry, it sounds so weird but it's hard to explain when your english is as bad as mine:/)

    It's not a very beautiful graphic to my opinion because it's a bit tacky. But everyone has their own definition of beauty so it could look very pretty to someone else.

  4. I'd have to disagree with jack on some aspects:] I do like the dress and shading of it because it's simple. It looks like a plain blue dress, which I think was the point. Though the lower part of the dress(around the hips/bottom area) is a tad bit clumpy and unrealistic. I like the facial shading around the nose. I'd like to point out the anatomy of her breasts is wrong because while the left looks full, the right looks flat and small. The arms also lack sharpness and seem kinda floppy:] and the clavicle/collarbone would be a lot more simpler because her body is at an angle away from the "camera". And the hair...well..I think you know the mistakes you made here:] Overall, could use some work, but you're on the right track to being a good GD:]