Practice + experiment with hair

My last post was portraying toxic's new header which was umm 'not completely failure' graphic. So keeping in mind all the comments I practiced another graphic today:-
What do you think of this one? Well I think it is better than the one for Toxic. The hair was an experiment with how different I can bring an ombere technique into the graphic. It was a delibrate idea of not shding the hair. You can see some shading ,but it is not complete. I dont think this kinda ombere is a good idea :P Next up is the skin ,no shading there too cuz I was practicing clothes that explains it
Anyhow I can see many mistakes but overall I guess this can be one of the best graphics you have seen from me! Am stopping here cuz am so tired because I am fasting, and another half an hour to go for breaking it!
So Adios


  1. I know you say you were practicing clothes, but you should still make the effort with the skin - every little bit helps. I think without it, it just looks unfinished. Sorry.

    1. Agree clothes good but need to work on skin more