Toxic's Header

Hello ladies and gentlemen!
Am back with yet another graphic. This time it is for Toxic's header:-
That is not the exact pic with the background! Its different! well wanna chack out? click here! hope you all follow as well as apply as a model?
As I have finished the graphic I can see numerous mistakes! Especially the right hand! and well the neck and the face is not so detailed but I was lazy so "whatever" :P anyhow I do love the hair cuz I think it has improved tremendously!
What do YOU think of the graphic? Please feedback?
- Afrin


  1. It's clear you've spent time on the jacket but the jeans and belt look very rushed, and to me, let the image down as a whole.

    1. Thank you Kirsten and yes it is true! I've kinda metioned somewhere that i was lazy so yes i rushed it through!:)

  2. I like the jacket but that part of it, on the wrists has no shading at all. So it makes the whole graphic look bad as well as the other unshaded parts like the belt.

    I like the hair but the head looks quite small to me...

  3. I agree that the effort's clearly focused on the jacket - that's okay. with the exception of the wrist area, the jacket's really good (leather is always a problem area for a lot of people, and you've handled it nicely) - but the beauty of the jacket is diminished by the lack of effort gone into the other areas. Put the effort that you put into the jacket into everything, and your graphics will be amazing overall.

    The hair is good too, but a bit sharp and the right side is better than the left. It does give your model a rather large forehead!

    The biggest problem, I think, is the head size/the lack of distinction between the neck and the head. It makes her neck look too thick and there's no shadow underneath the chin.

  4. I agree with Lana. The forehead is a tad bit too large, but that is typically a problem when working with hair that has fly-aways. Her neck shows more on one side than the other, so it looks like the head was intended to be tilted or turned slightly. If that was not intended, I probably would of drawn some more hair or moved the head more to the left. And I also have to say that the lack of shadow, along with the over-extended forehead, makes her face look kinda messy in the aspect of shading. Overall, it's a good graphic, but could use a little work:]