Rushed graphic for RNTM

Well, I think the title says everything...
Today I made a graphic of myself for RNTM. I'm using it for the banner as well as for the Cycle 5 Opening video. Anyway, it's a remake of an old graphic that muffins97 made for me about one year ago.

Old graphic by muffins97

New graphic which I made

 Comparing the two graphics you can tell that my doll's face has changed quite a lot over the past few months. Anyway, I'm not that happy with my graphic as it's very rushed. I spent most of the time on the sweater but now I think that the folds are too ... much.
But I hope you won't realize the flaws of this graphic so much in the video, haha.

What do you think? I know I could have done better but I just didn't have time and I still don't.
xoxo Rafael


  1. Cathy is right, it looks a bit too large? I think it would of been cool if you used different clothing colors. Anyhow, you know I still love your graphicsc!

  2. I agree with what's been previously said about the head - it's a common rule in art that the shoulder is 3 head widths long, so try and take that into account when making a graphic. Sometimes you can bend the rules, but it's useful information to have. Also, I find it's useful to compare the size of the hand to the size of the face. Still, at least your head is more proportionate than the original graphic's.

    The skin shading is rather odd, but not unpleasant. For me, the hand on the right of the graphic looks, for lack of a better word, awfully noodle-y! The shading on the wrist makes it look too thin and weak, and I can't really see the distinction between the upper arm and the elbow. The hands are blocky and unrefined, and I don't think the neck shading is quite in the right place.

    I also agree with what you said about the shirt, it's overshaded compared to the original, which looks a lot more simple and loose, but the shading on the trousers is nice and gives quite a soft texture.

    Sorry about the wall of text, I just like giving feedback and I hope you don't think I'm being too harsh!

    1. It's okay, I like long comments, haha. I thank you for your opinion and advice, I'll keep that in mind for my next graphic. Maybe I'll re-do this graphic because rushed graphics just don't turn out very well. :/

  3. A bit too much shading on the sweater but it's still a nice graphic :)