New writer!

Hi, I am mgirl07. I should have started writing here before, but there were problems with adding me to the blog because my e-mail didn't show up in the message I sent and stuff. Well, it's fixed now.

First of all I would like to say that it's a great honour for me to write for this amazing blog that I check every day! My graphics may not be that good, but I keep improving all the time and I hope that you, the readers, can see that!

My name is Maria, I come from Russia and live in Denmark. I have been making graphics since April. My first graphic looked like this:
The proportions look so weird because I made it out of a quite old and badly made photo of myself (and my meDoll's face of course). So when I speak about how horrible it is I don't mean the pose but all the rest.

To compare, here's my most recent graphic.
It looks a bit odd because I have overdone the shading on the cheekbone. Should have used one layer of shading instead of two. And the hair looks sort of odd on this one.
It's made out of a drawing of my mom, which looks like this:

I hope I didn't bore you to death with this post! :) I promise that the next ones won't be this long!

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  1. i think because you drew the nose flat in the drawing, it camout quite flat in the actual graphics, but nice idea though!