It's A Wild Life

Hey everyone! School just started and already, i'm exhausted, so I'm not really going to look through this paragraph for mistakes. Take it as it is:)

Anyways. I'm part of the stage crew for my school play's rendition of Little Shop of Horrors:) I watched the movie and am excited to help with it:) I also have a lot of art projects I'll be doing for my advanced art class:)

so excited for the rest of my classes:D

anyways, I finished a graphic today when I got home. It isn't much, so please give me your opinion:]

It's sucks...probably because I didn't work on it very long. 
I re-did the left arm, but the right is part of the original:)


Wish me luck for the week. Hopefully I won't pass out during class!


  1. I'm totally in love with this Graphic! (:
    The hair is pretty amazing and i love love love the pants!
    Great Job! :3

  2. Anonymous21/8/12 13:07

    i love it

  3. It's beautiful! The only problem is that the arm that you re-did is shaded in a slightly different way and stands out from the rest.

  4. The shading on the other arm is so excellent. As is everything else :3

    Kasey, you make me fall in love with graphic-ized body parts XD Now that's not awkward at all!

  5. Love the pants and the hair *_*

  6. I don't think it's your best work, but the shading is great.