New Writer

Can't think of a better- no, appropriate title so yeah, here you go.
To be honest, I was surprised when I was accepted as a writer here and my first reaction was excitement. But then I looked over the other writers' posts and began to think that I'll just embarrass myself.

However, by the time Ceaara sent me the email invitation, my confidence boosted up ^^
Anyways ... Here is a most recent graphic I have made.

Click to enlarge the picture. The original size is huge so yeah.

So what I was focusing on here was the hair and the purse (it's weird looking, right?). I've followed a tutorial on deviantart and I tried out a new hair technique (this one).

I like the coat as well even though it's not exactly detailed and it does like pretty much over-sized.

Well actually this isn't my latest graphic. I've also done the graphic in the spoiler for COUNT magazine but I can't show it here. You'll see it in the magazine when it's released.

I've also been drawing anime style graphics but some of them are without the lines.

This one on the right is my latest one but I haven't made the lines myself, like on the others.

I quite enjoy anime drawings since they don't need a lot of shading :3

Right now I'm working on a new graphic and I i'll post it here once I finish it (:

Comments, suggestions and feedback is appreciated.
As well critique and I don't mind you stating your opinion at all (:

Thank you.


  1. That's amazing. Congratulations for being accepted as a writer here.

  2. Congrats! & the hair on the first one is so different from most graphic designers but I love it!:)

  3. Welcome, and I really like the graphic, but You should try some new hair styles. You're always doing Your graphics with exactly the same hair

  4. thank you for the support :)

    @ Sweet-Lips112(Kaisa) I know but I don't really feel like going out from my comfort zone :L But I'll try something new whatsoever.