Latest graphic

This is the latest graphic I've done and it was an special request because it was like a gift from a girl to her best friend because of her birthday! This kind of requests got me so exited tbh! 
I'm kind of satisfied with the hair or at least with most of it. The shading of the hand is in my opinion just great lol.
The hardest part was trying to make the -believe it or not- flowers on her lap.. Some lasso tool here and there plus some photoshop's brushes.. 
I would appreciate if you leave a comment if you have some critics, say what you think about it or tick a box.



  1. For future projects. Maybe you should practise working on the silhouette, ensuring it's smooth and clean. Once you have that mastered, the shading comes second nature & your graphics will instantly improve. Trust me, I done the same and seem a massive improvement! Great work though!


    1. Thank you so much!!! I'll keep that in mind for my next graphics! :D

  2. I really like the graphic, and you´re right, the hand looks great!!!

  3. The hand really does look good, but girl, you need some truly dark shades - the kind of dark creases in skin that are subtle, but important (like between the knees, the palm of the hand creases, fingers, chest, neck ear, under the skirt) - to make your graphics better. Doesn't have to be black, you just need darker shades because the whole thing looks off with just highlights, and also less striking/"realistic" without them.
    On another note, I also really like the shading of the skirt and hair! Plus the fact that the shades/highlights doesn't seem like it's simply going from black-white, but more or less saturation and difference of the original color (I don't really know how to explain).