A little Valentino never hurt nobody right? I got a request from the lovely SmileyBither in sd, for this stunning picture which is referenced on Miranda Kerr in her Elle cover

This is a picture ive been wanting to make for THE longest time and the fact that i got paid for making a reference I love is amazing! It was a great experience because i had a little bit more of a struggle with this one, my computer screen got messed up and it has a huge grey-ish shadow on it so i can't really see what I'm doing 

Anyhow! As always I hope to see some comments and hope you take the time to thick a box !! Much love xx! 

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  1. Wow, I LOVE the details of the dress, very well done.

    1. Thanks ! some of them took a LONG time to produce

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  3. I love the top , when I saw it , it's remind me this top from Anne Hathaway , maybe because of the heart haha :


    As always , it's amazing! x