Dior is the new black

So as I've been lazy for days, weeks actually, I finally decided to work on something!
It took me one and a half hour to find the easiest, most basic picture of Dior's pre-fall 2014 outfit!
I honestly like how it turned out, and I was so happy to finally use my old graphic of Lady Dior hair inspired by Jennifer Lawrence in Dior's ads. So it took me 2 hours of work and it's here - my new graphic! Finally, after a long time.

 As always, there are two versions; original and the one with effect.

I just noticed how the shading of the trousers is almost invisible from my point of view here, while writing this, but just look closer and you will notice it! (at least, you should notice it lol)

So, that's it for today! Prepare yourself for more Carmen coming out this winter! x


  1. I think you should put some shading between the hair and the doll's face, it i'd look so much better! The rest of the graphic is really great and I like the shading on the trousers, especially with the effect on the second pic.

  2. I think the original is much better =)