Unfinished, unreleased and forgotten graphics

So as I accidently opened my folder ''DO NOT OPEN'' I found so many graphics I literally forgot about. I don't even remember when I made some of them! But I also liked some. I actually found my first graphic ever, jesus!

This is the graphic I've made this summer! I see many things I would change now but it's fine enough, I guess.
Moschino Jacket I've also done this summer... And now I see how many things could've been done so much better lol
Bambi! This started so good, her face and the flower, Bambi itself... And then I sucked something about it.
When I remember that this was supposed to turn out as Andreja Pejic....
This was the first time I have done an amazing, detailed hair!And then my brother deleted it.
I am sure that I will edit and finish this one soon!
I simply forgot about this one. Just forgot.

Then I tried again with the Dior hair!
Somehow this one got deleted before I finished it like a year ago and I never got a chance to make it again or continue. This was my first real face drawing!
Just to show how bad I was more than two years ago... I am ashamed lol
My favourite old graphic! Idk why because it's so bad, but I had so much fun back then...
And my second favourite bad, old graphic.
Oh my god. This post was long! It could have been longer but let's stay with these!
Stay tuned for new graphics, improved and better ones, haha