Tips 'n Tricks

Since there are many other designers in this blog besides me, I figured why not share some things that really work for me while making a graphic, specially since I've been getting some pretty good feedback, So let's go!

Think it trough! 

As graphic designers we all know how hard it is to make a graphic feeling un-inspired, so one of my main advice would be to put a lot of thought into each and every piece you're making, why are you making it? Is it achievable according to your technique? What do you like most? What will be the most challenging part? This helps set a general outlook on how you're gonna feel while actually getting into it! 

Beat that face. 

Never, and by never I mean NEVER forget to shade the face, little details such as adding some contour even if it's rather minimal or some layers to add volume and texture to the lips will make a HUGE difference in your work, it just helps frame the face you're working on, also it will shed a light on the best features of the doll. 

Keep on a long lash 

Another thing to do while working on the face, in my opinion would be to take advice from drag queens and never forget your falsies, lashes will bring a decadent look to your doll's face, specially if they're the appropriate size, I'd recommend drawing them yourself to make sure they fit the doll's eyes, now this rule may not apply to every graphic, some may require no lash at all, but for your average graphic adding this little detail really helps.


It seems as if everyone believes theres only one way to shade.. NO! Being a graphic artist is all about developing your own technique, so next time you make a practice graphic, why not try different techniques? Use warm tones, burn & dodge whatever you want! This is the only way you will realize what works and doesn't work for you! 

Work it 

If you suck at something, WORK on it, you wont get nowhere whining over how bad you are, analize how other graphic designers do it, go to stardoll and check out the way the work, how they apply light and shadow, for example, heres a side to side comparison I was told in task 4 @TGP that my leather looked really bad, and honestly that was an understatement, so for task 5 I decided I wanted to show them how good I actually was, and after making the jacket a zillion times I figured out a way to make leather that fit my abilities.

Think Big

Use crazy big reference images, size does matter. 

Hot mess? 

Always reach for perfection, EVERY detail counts, not because it's a minor issue overlook it, this WILL take your work to a different level, and well, you're the only one who knows how high you want to reach. 

and finally...

It gets better (usually) 

Honestly, If anyone had reasons to give up was me LOL 

Its super easy to get discouraged while making a graphic, just because you got stuck on a hand, or the hair don't loosen the grip, practice makes perfect so only by succeeding and failing you're gonna develop a technique of your own, dont give up just because of a bad graphic, laugh it off, take a break and then go back in! .

So that's it from me! Please share any other tips you may have and tell me if you find this helpful in any way whatsoever! xx. 


  1. I would love to You Do Graphics Make UN itself tutorial.Yo But not like Yours ! I said I have talent :-) Today is my birthday ^-^ I'll leave the link to my blog: http://elizabethgraphicsstardoll.blogspot.com.ar/

  2. This is really inspiring Pablo! I'm always trying to work with a new technique over and over again.... And one of the things that I don't really pay attention to -and I should- are the details...
    Amazing Pablo *-*

  3. Thanks babe!! Me myself find it hard to get them sleek sometimes stuff will still happen haha, If you want another tip once you find a technique that sort-of works for you try to polish it as most as you can so next time you wanna try a new technique you can have that as reference for the overall effect Thanks!! I'm so so glad you liked it !

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