(i just realised how strange this looks without the rest of the graphic, so if you're ticking "it's okay" because of the angle/shape of the hair, you're an idiot)

basically, all of you who pay attention to my hair are probably aware that i SUCK at it, and i still to this day dont know why


upon starting a new graphic today, a miracle occurred

i advise you click on this image to make it bigger 

now i know that it's still not incredibly amazing, but in my opinion it is a massive step up from my past attempts.

i just wanted to share this with you all as i felt it was somewhat of a milestone!

what do you think?
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i really want to hear your thoughts on this one

love y'all xxxxxxxxxx


  1. I really like this! Hair is so difficult! I'm always having trouble with it :0 Sometimes, it's also about the shape, not just the shading. So if you make the shape and it looks a bit weird to you don' hesitate to change it. Idk what else advise to give cause I really suck at hair

    1. thanks! yeah, if you look at my latest post you can see why the hair was this shape/angle etc

  2. Anonymous22/9/13 14:21

    I really hate making hair. But I really like your shading technique

  3. Anonymous22/9/13 15:22

    Knowing hair is so difficult, this looks great love ♥ Any word on when X will be coming out?

    1. thank you so much! very soon, keep your eyes peeled