i know that i've been pretty much spamming the blog lately, but im currently updating my portfolio which means i need to be bulldozing through graphics at an exceptional rate

for a while i have wanted to do a piece of one of my favourite models, miss lindsey wixson! to me she is just so gorgeous and unique, i'm in love

without further ado, here is my first graphic of her

im pretty sure this image is from a vogue shoot, but i am not 100%

lindsey wears louis vuitton coat and pants, which were a pain in the ass too do! especially the flowers

i LOVE the face, probably the thing i love the most. im not a fan of how the shoes turned out, but granted they were difficult.

as a whole, this graphic was definitely one of the most challenging ones that i have ever actually completed. but i really love it (and yes, this is the hair that i posted yesterday)

what do you like/dislike??
leave a comment!
tick a box!!

love u xxx

ps: it's in my best effort that i try to reply to ALL comments on my posts. i really appreciate the fact that someone would take the time out of their day to praise/critique my work, so thank you for commenting and know that i am very thankful!


  1. OMG jesteś niesamowity!

  2. O .. M .. G!!!
    This is just beyond perfection, I can't say which part of the graphic I love the most!!
    I think this is your best graphic ever!!

  3. Anonymous22/9/13 18:23

    I freaking love Lindsey Wixson and the graphic is amazing.

  4. Anonymous22/9/13 19:16

    So it's not okay for me to critique your work, but it is for everyone else? Ok, got it.

    1. what are you talking about? please don't comment on my posts, you are so annoying.

    2. Your guys fits are dumb just stop for your fans sake

  5. woooow such amazing graphic , O M G .
    it's like your graphics come from haven :P

  6. this is so beautiful omg i'd wear those shoes anyday!

  7. omg I love this so much! The outfit is so nice and the jackes is so beautiful!
    perfect hair btw! :)
    You've done marvelous!

  8. perfection♥♥ omg I almost feel like crying when I look at this xx

  9. Ok this is fucking perfect i am dying over hereeeeeee I love everything, obviously. One thing I'll never understand is how you do the eyeshadow and give such great depth to the eyelids. It's so great!

    Btw, if you still have the psd of this, remove the part of the hair from the original image that is showing behind your graphic ;)

    1. omfg thank you so much babe! i dont know, i mean i have studied make up a lot, so i owe it to my knowledge in that i suppose. i actually didn't notice that! thanks for pointing it out

  10. Face & Hair are PERFECT!
    Well done, Jack!

  11. Holy Cow ! I agree with almost everyone who has commented above me, in saying that there is perfection... But, then again, you're not short of that.

  12. absolutely amaizing ;O maybe i should find more felicities, but this perfection is to gorgeous to be expressed by words *-*

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