Looking for a bit of advice here =)

So I've been doing work on shading and stuff recently, like experimenting with my skin shading technique - and I'm so indecisive about it! I can't decide about what to do about it really, my recent stuff looks like this:
I like the neck and the arms+hands, not the legs so much, I can work on that, but I'm not sure if it's the technique I should keep using, or go back to the one I used before, like for TREND:
I quite like this, I think it looks quite nice, like there's nothing that major wrong with it as a technique, but I tried it again earlier today and it just didn't seem right doing it like that!
So I'm really looking for some opinions on which skin shading technique that you guys like better and why =)
Looking forward to your responses, Love K xxx


  1. I really liked the technique you used from TREND:) It looks professional and the shading is just about spot on!:D

  2. I love both but I think the one you used on TREND looked better :)

  3. I really like both but the one you used for TREND is much more realistic (:
    However, I like the hair on the first one a lot.

  4. i really like the TREND one :D looks more realistic and stardoll like :D

  5. Anonymous8/9/12 07:49

    You know, maybe you haven't found your nitch in the colarbone... When you find the technique that suits you best, you won't have to question what you should do :)