Don't you just love it when ...

You're browsing some blogs and you see that your graphics have been taken!

Yes, this blog - Rare Items On Stardoll has decided they wanted one of my graphic for themselves, and who is this blog run by you ask? None other than "Helpful Stardoll", that annoying(in my opinion, I don't know about anyone else) blogger going around offering help to us graphic designers - the blog has been made by putting together posts of tutorials that other users have done. You're offering graphics help to users and you don't appear to be able to make graphics yourself ...
Why the user decided to take this graphic is beyond me as it's not my best work in any way - but still, it's stealing and shouldn't be tolerated! I'm just pretty angry about it!

Sorry for this rather unpleasant topic for a post, I'll be back to uploading my graphics soon =)

Love K xxx


  1. >=O
    DId you confront the owner?

  2. and it seems like they stole their articles and pictures from USD? =O

  3. Anonymous5/9/12 03:37

    And she stole like half of my graphic tutorials... at least the ones I made are like totally awful X)

  4. OMG, That's so bad! I wish people would be original :/

  5. The nerve of some people...

    1. I also found this the other day: stardollgraphictutorial.blogspot.co.uk

      They've stolen tutorials from other members... How ridiculous!