Bright Dress

So I was asked to make a header for The Awesome Stardoll And More and here's what I came up with:

I'm quite happy with the overall outcome but I can see sooooo many mistake and errors!
I tried a few different backgrounds, but wasn't really happy with any of them, this was the best of the bunch really!
I'm happy with my work on the hair though, at first I was dubious as to whether it would work out ok, but I think it looks reasonably like hair in the end!
Definitely not happy with the hands or any of the skin shading really, definitely having a bit of an off day where they're concerned! But as long as the customer is happy, I'm happy =)

Love K xxx


  1. I actually love this! Though the legs' and waist's shading looks quite there's something weird about it...Like too much dark shading?

    The dress is seriously killing me! Perfect!

  2. The hair is just beautiful! I adore this graphic.

  3. This is really, really beautiful! The only problem is that the shading looks sort of different in some places, as if you used a different shading technique every time. But you don't notice it so much, and the rest is amazing!

  4. Anonymous5/9/12 19:41

    This just has to be one of your best graphics! You asre finally getting the idea of how hair should go :) Great job, you've got "awesome" from me ;D

  5. i could be like everyone else and point out the flaws but you probably already know but great job i like it.