Okay so i remember telling people that toxic will be out on 20th and today it is 22nd. It was because i was enjoying my Eid and panicing at the same time too.. Why? we went to a beach and we lost my younger cousin . :'( She is only 5 years old but thank god we got her back..its a long story why she wandered off and stuffs anyway good news?
Toxic is out! But I am actually not at all happy with it personally...because most of the graphic i rushed through it and other stuffs. The articles are bit too wired ( am talking only about mine) But oh well this was my first magazine never mind...i'll do better next time!
here's my favorite grpahics of all:-

The above shown graphics are the best i've made for te magazine! :)
what do u think..
PLS and PLS visit the magazine?

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  1. Wow, fantastic!
    I'm also a graphic designer.
    Welcome :D