I Tried

I'm back from VACATION!:D
This is supposed to be a graphic of my favorite model. She doesn't do much modeling anymore, but she was in a very big competition and won! Can you guess who this small town model is?

I probably won't finish this graphic, but I really wanted you to check it out. 
I made it about 3 weeks ago and the face isn't finished.
I know everyone has been doing these "guess the model" type graphic, but I really was curious to see if I could actually make one, and It seemed like I did, so guess if you know her!
I love your comments!


  1. I think that's Nicole Linkletter.. I love what I see, by the way.

  2. No idea who see might be but I love the eyes!

  3. It's nicole from cycle 5 ANTM ;)

  4. Amazing graphic!!
    Btw, it's Nicole from ANTM ;DD

  5. Anonymous3/7/12 02:43

    Holy crap, its amazing! Love it!

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