Guess who?

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to share a little something with you,
My first non-stardoll graphic!

It took me approx 1 day and a quarter,

This person is my biggest inspiration and I love them SO much.

What do you think?
and who is it?


  1. Lady GaGa!!

    I make lots of non-stardoll graphics and they don't take me 1 day, usually I make them in 2/3 hours. Check them out here: elliecasedesigns.blogspot.com

  2. Come one? This can't be a "Guess Who?" It's GaGa, the QUEEN OF THE WORLD! Everyone knows her!

    Btw, it's GaGa at the MUGLER Show of last year! :P

  3. Love it Khol, its soooo good.

    I truthly adore Lady Gaga, too. (:

  4. It's Lady Gaga of course!

    I love this graphic and the fact that you drew a real life person for the first time is impressive as the graphic is perfect! I love the nails and lips :)

  5. I go gaga over Nikhol's Graphic of Lady Gaga!!!!

    Truly amazing! The hair looks like one that Lady gaga would have!!

  6. Anonymous30/6/12 03:23

    Wow, with just a glance of the eye I could deffo tell its a gaga graphic :D

  7. I really like that it's very well done, but it seems Lady Gaga is so over-used in Stardoll Graphics. Just saying:)