Couldn't Resist...

Hello all! Its been a long time since I've posted, eh? Long story short, I was on vacation, or the more complicated version of the story was I just moved, and went on a road trip to our new house... but I've finally've settled down, and I'm ready for some new graphics. First of all, I haven't shown you my task 7 of SNTGD (I'm not even sure I've posted my 6th entry either, but oh well), which I finished while on the road. Maria originally won cycle one, but then she gave me the title, ending in both of us sharing 1st place. A bit confusing, but lets move on and see the graphic, shall we?


You can see my final entry with a different background, but I just like the one my medoll is posing on a bit better :)

Anyhow, the main reason I decided to post was a mixture of advertising (guilty pleasure, eh?), and because I've realized I've lacked the blogging aspect of stardoll for a bit now... This next graphic is for my new magazine I've created called HAUTE. I haven't done much proper advertising for it, so a visual was kind of necessary for the readers to get "sucked" into the magazine... hehe. The release is scheduled for this Fall, so I'm aiming for mid September or so. We'll see what will happen. If you'd like to be dirrected to the blog, click HERE. OTHERWISE, take a look below:

(Once again, click image to enlarge)

I'm actually quite happy with the final results... and oh my gosh! I love the ukulele! I've started to learn myself, however the model in the graphic looks much more experienced than me, and she can even play while balancing on a tree branch! Awesomeness! I did recreate the background from originally a stardoll scenery, since I only had a smaller version of the image and it was blurry when resizing... and oh, I'm going off topic here. The one thing I'm not sure about the graphic is the hair. I was thrilled with it before, but now, I'm not sure.

Do you like these graphics?
Any comments, criticism, or critiques? Let me know!


  1. I REALLY love these! They are so beautiful. although both don't look like the skin is shaded. It may just be me, but they are still beautiful:)

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  3. The first one is beautiful even though I never liked that garden interior thing. I love how the doll's hair is done and the dress is beautiful.

    However, as for the one for HAUTE, I like the background but maybe the tree she's sitting on should've been of a color like the other ones; and to be honest I don't feel like she's actually sitting on the branch of a tree but on something very close to the ground because the space under her feet doesn't make me feel she's on a branch. I know I look maybe too much in details, but I also feel that the edges at the top of the hat needed more work to make it "sit" well.I wish also that the background didn't have so many things (trees, buildings, bridge) so that the doll would be like the main center of attention. I think also that the text would have look nicer if it was one size and one color, maybe black.

    HOWEVER, I must state that I very much like how the doll herself is dressed and how she overall looks like, even though I think the hair would've been nicer without this somewhat wavy strand on her right.

    I'm sorry if I made you upset by writing such a long comment, but thsi was not my intention at all.Even though I'm sure I'm not as half as good as you are in graphics, I just mean only constructive criticism and not any rudeness or offense was intended.

  4. Love it, just love it. Both of them. Aaaargh I also wanna be such a good graphic designer as you. My graphics still suck, they could be so much better but you are just a pure genius Lindsey!!!
    You made Cathy look so pretty on the spoiler I'm in love with this ad campaign. *_* Thanks for using her as model :)