Another Older Graphic

This is one of my older graphics, but I put a personal design on it.
The hair is also something new and so are the shoes:)

Here it is:

The shading, of course, it touched up, but not enough to really see a big difference from the original, 
which, if you remember, I wasn't a very good shade-er.

Hate it?Love it? Kill it? Hug it?
Give me your thoughts!


  1. I love the hair as well although I'm not a fan of the color. The pose is amazing!

    1. Thank you, and I understand. Electric blue is quite eccentric and is either a Yes or No with people:)

  2. Anonymous7/7/12 00:56

    I love the hair as well! The shoes are bothering me a bit, though. I'm not sure if you shaded them? Or maybe my eyes are just messed up from staring at a computer screen all day XD

    1. Thank you! The shoes are shaded, but they aren't highlighted, which is probably why you can't really tell their shaded. A Mistake on my part:)