Themed Graphic!

Hey everyone! It seems that I have a theme for my graphics. Every graphic I've made within the week has been either 80's, 70's 90's or forties styled. I really like the whole decade thing going on so I finished a graphic up to show you what's been going on. This is inspired by the 50's themed Prada line out right now, going along with that style. The skin shading technique is different because I've had some help from my uncle(who's and artist) and suggested changing up my routine.
Hopefully you guys like it:)

Obviously click if you want it bigger:)
Going along with the decades theme, I think I incorporated some 70's style with the tucked in mechanics shirt. The old car is obviously from Stardoll, but edited to fit my color choice. I really like the legs, but the hair is horrible. I hate making ponytails. 
Give me your insight on this graphic and expect another probably tomorrow or Tuesday.

High-waisted shorts shading: Chloe-99
Car: Stardoll


  1. *dies because this is so good*

    1. OH NO! *revives her using the power of graphic magic*;)

  2. I loveee that shirt :O The only thing I don't like is the shorts, and that's because I don't really like those types of shorts :P

    1. Thanks! And yeah, the shorts are a love/hate thing. I, personally, love them:)

  3. Anonymous3/6/12 22:50

    Wow, this is really cute :D I think the shading is much better, props to your Uncle :)

  4. very qt you should take doze grandmama shorts off n get sum miss new booty shorts ;))