Graphic archive - Seasonalhotbuys

practice makes perfect well not this case only relaly worked on the skirt & legs for practice
the rest was just fastly done

just a random grahpic that happened to be my blog banner

just a portion of the whole banner 

old graphic unfinished
yeah since I've been gone all may I haven't done really much Some are just a portion some are just old and the others are current I have other news updates etc. on my blog about what I'm currently working on you can visit my blog if you're interested in hearing what I'm planning here  (to lazy to write a proper paragraph)  oh yeah i have alot to publish i have like several graphics but can't release them yet ;))


  1. they are all amazing, you've done a good job on them all! I love the last one you posted, it reminds myself of me because I have hair about that long, love them well done! Please do a hair tute?xxxxx

  2. I just love your graphics! They look so real especialy the first one. How do you draw the hair?

  3. i love your hair, and body shading!, its so perfect, especially since you have a black background

  4. The first one is lovely, especially the legs and I want those shoes, haha! :)

    The second one is also nice, I love that dress, somewhat reminds me of one of McQueen's collections, and the hair on it too, but the arms needed like more shading, I think.

    The hair on the last one is very nice, except for the ends.

    I think my favourite would be the first, very nice shading! :)