Newwwww Yorkkkkk!


Supposed to be like a tourist picture
(*mom takes picture of Melanie in front of statue during their tour of NY*)

This was my original entry for SDNTGD and two days ago, I thought...wow....this sucks!
So I recreated a new graphic!(which I can't wait to show you!)
I love the hair in this graphic because it is so detailed. 
This hairstyle is actually based off a picture of my hair from the Sophomore dance last year! Imagine this hairstyle, but blonde, and you've got the original picture!

Give me your opinion, but understand that I already know this sucks.


  1. Wow Kasey! I love it, It's so high school and cute! xxxx

  2. Anonymous15/6/12 21:32

    I think the head is making everything go all "off" it appears to be much larger than it should be... but maybe you were intending it to be that way? Love the "I ♥ NY" shirt though! Its making me jealous of your medoll (although I'm not sure who the model is hehe)

    1. Yeah, the head was intended to be bigger:) The model is actually my sister, before she changed her medoll:) Thanks!:)

  3. I think the hair is your strength.I love it! You could have a New York tattoo on the body as well! xD

  4. I love the hair and @LoveGossip4Life I think the head was meant to be bigger because it should look like the photo was taken by someone who was sitting down, and the model is standing.

  5. The hair is lovely but I'm not a big fan of the background as it looks like it's from a real picture (I do not mean you pasted it from a real picture!) so the medoll looks odd standing in front of it. I also don't like how she has her hand bent behind her head because there's nothing sold behind it. I feel like this pose works better when there's a wall or something behind the doll. However, again, lovely hair and also, nice tee :)