New Header and Blog Makeover!

I made a new header for my blog,
because the much needed makeover took place today!

I'd also like to thank everyone,
 who has seen my blog and followed, for helping me reach 100 followers! 
The number, at the moment in 103 and I hope it keeps rising!
Okay, and now here's the header!

Of course, click to enlarge!

But anyways, about the graphic:
I really love it because of the 70's feel and that is one of my favorite decades right next to the 1950's:)
The hair is also a magnificent beauty I spent an hour on, so give me your opinion!
My medoll really works well here because it seems like such a straight pose and my medoll has a very serious face. 

So thanks again if you've followed and I look forward to your comments on this:)


  1. Anonymous17/6/12 06:55

    Faaaabulous! Love it Kasey :)The thing I'd say you should next work on is clothing shading... skin and hair is almost spot on, but clothing is something I'd love to see more of from you!

    1. Yeah, i'm kinda disappointed with the orange part of the sweater, but it's still better than before, huh?:D thanks!

  2. I must say this was done beautifully but I don't like the two shirts on top of each other, with acknowledging the fact that you were going for a 70's look.Also, the pants look strange at the bottom so I don't see her feet.HOWEVER, I love the hair and the shading and THAT bag :) Congratulations on reaching 100 followers by the way!

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  3. Thanks! but that's actually one shirt. It is based off of Rachel Zoe- Pre Spring 2013. The pants are actually NOT supposed to show shoes, but I wanted to incorporate more deep violet so it didn't look weird. Oh, and thanks!:D