Yet another graphic stealer ...

Heya, sorry I haven't posted in a little while, here in Scotland, we've had good weather for like 3 or 4 days and it's set to stay good until at least Monday - if you also live here, you will know that it's unusual to have more than 1 good day of weather at a time, so you really have to make the most of it! I'm also moving on Wednesday, so I'm trying to sort and organise all my things to pack, so I don't think I'll have much time for graphics until the end of the week =( 

This post is about yet another individual (dubistdie) who has decided to copy one of my graphics - and she didn't even choose just a random one I'd made, she chose one of my entries for SDNTGD - way to make yourself more obvious!
Here's mine: 
And this is hers - it's her entry for Underneath Stardoll's Survivor Fashion:
To be honest I don't feel the need to describe what changes she's made, it's pretty obvious if you compare the two.

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