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Hello all!
If you aren't aware, the second issue of Splendid Magazine has just been released! I couldn't be more happy with the issue, especially all the hard work put into it! If you aren't aware, I was one of the graphic designers for this issue, and did work for the trends section and one of the two covergirl photo shoots.

 Take a look at my contribution to the magazine, and don't forget to see the rest of the issue HERE!

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As you can see, this was part of the covergirl photo shoot. I had the head to an angle, however Maria replaced it with the stardoll-head version (if you get me). The original image I had to recreate had the model sitting on boxes, however for the magazine Lige ended up sitting on a stool instead.

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These are two out of the three graphics I did for the trends section (for some reason my computer is bad at saving things, so I don't have the orange trends graphic at the moment saved). I was pretty happy with the hair from the graphic to the left, though I love, love, LOVE the dress on the model to the right.

So, what do you think of these graphics? Comments are appreciated!


Oh, and I also forgot to mention, I'm also a contestant for Survivor Season 2 on Underneath Stardoll, and so far have made it through the past two rounds, and I am waiting for results on the third task. Take a look at my previous entries!

Task 1 -- Click to Enlarge

Task 2 -- Click to Enlarge

Task 3 -- Click to Enlarge

Once again I apologize for being slow on graphics, but I finally have a whole summer for creation! Don't worry, new graphics will arrive shortly (lets hope!).

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  1. I'm in love with the Jason Wu Outfit! (The white top and Pink Skirt!)