Super Copier X 100

Today I don't have any graphics for you, but I wanted to write about a person who you could call a "super copier." A while ago I followed this graphic designer thinking she had real potential (not that her graphics are "great"). I'm glad I did follow her blog because of something serious, something that we see daily... the infamous copying.

This user goes by the name of "ladymiszel12" and has a graphic blog showcasing many different graphics all supposed made by her... however that is definitely not the case. Take a look at various graphics she's stolen from different graphic designers.

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Though copying once isn't unusual, but copying almost every graphic-- now that's unheard of! Some she might have coincidentally used the same reference picture as others, but when almost every single detail looks similar, now that's just rude.

Have you ever been copied before? Let us know your take on plagiarism.
 Oh, and btw, sorry for the blurriness, I was using paint since I don't have much time to post.


  1. Anonymous28/5/12 20:49

    I have not been copied before as far as I know, but I don't really think my graphics are good enough to steal :D

  2. I think she's narcissistic.. In the lat post she wrote: 'This is my pretty header. Most prettier than the last pretty header from auction..' Uhmm, okey.

    You're right. It's annoying wheh every detal looks very similar..

    1. Oh, sorry. *last *when

      Some time ago I talked with her and I think she's just using the same photos.

  3. The most similar is definitely the last one, but could just be because of the same skin tone, she's used a different one in the others.

    With mine, I think it's just the same reference image - but it's still suspicious how she's managed to use at least 4 of the same reference images.

    I've been copied a few times now, it is annoying!
    The person who copied my SDNTGD entry for another contest is just being totally arrogant about it, she is adamant that she'd never seen it before! If the person admits they were wrong, I'm pretty ok with that, but to consistently lie about it doesn't do any good!

  4. Sometimes it could be a total coincidence. Like I found this photo I was going to do a graphic on and then saw someone else had made a graphic on it. I didn't want to be accused of copying so I asked the person if I could do the same graphic.

    Maybe talk to the user and keep an open mind. (:

  5. Its obvious she used the exact pose/detailing, but she clearly made her OWN versions of them, if you notice all of the details may be the same but the shading & highlighting styles are completely different.

    So yes I think its copied (meaning their reference picture was the original graphics), but its not stealing.

  6. I is crucified over graphics great Ahahaha ┼╝art.Normalnie but it does not copy; )

  7. I think, she is innocent. She makes graphics by the same photos!! It may look like similar, but i think, ladymiszel is honest.

  8. I don't know if you'd call the following copying, but here it goes. I think she used graphics that other people made as templates to make new graphics but with a kind of twist. It's very obvious that her graphic was done anew and that she didn't just take the model in someone's graphic and change some details. However, I don't think it's nice to use the ideas of other people so obviously, even though she changed the background in all of her graphics and made some other little changes. I don't think what she did was right, but at least she didn't like actually copy-paste them, but made something like her own version.

  9. She did not copied! She just uses the same poses, what's so strange? Each graphic can find the same positive SORRY I USE GOGLE TRANSLATOR:<ahahHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA sajonara kurwa biczys

  10. Anonymous31/5/12 18:46

    she didn't copy the graphics! using the same pose it's not stealing! :\

  11. She is using the same photos it's not copy

  12. If I ever were to copy a graphic, I wouldn't take the whole thing and just use that, I'd get it, paint over it and then add my own details. I'm currently working on a graphic, and the arm-pose I got from painting over a graphic made by an artist I really like, but I'll give credit to that artist when I publish it. :-)