Header for Pin Up Model

I was asked for a header for Pin Up Model (it's russian blog). Here it is:
I'm not a huge fan of it, and I don't like the face (the model is Gmonster), but still, it isn't the worst graphic I made.
And, btw, I won't post anything in summer, 'cause I'm going to my country house. There's no connection with Internet, but I'll take my laptop & tablet there, so in the beginning of fall you'll get heaps of the graphics from me ;)

Comment, please.


  1. It's gorgeous, One of my favorite parts would have to be the hair and the cheekbones :]

  2. I hope you're kidding! It's honestly great :) You seem to have to work on it for a while :)

  3. The dress is done very nicely and the hair too, but to be honest, I think the hair on the model's left side is like bigger than the hair on the right so it look a bit weird.I feel that the text color and font are not right for the graphic. However, the graphic is over all nice, and I do not mean any rudeness, just saying my honest opinion :)