Is stealing graphics the new "in" thing?

So we have recently experienced a bout of graphics being taken, as posted by Kasey below, just now I have come across - purely by chance - someone having taken my graphics! Which, I'm not gonna lie, I'm shocked at - I'm not that good!

So recognise this:

Well, this girl, akukula on Stardoll, has combined two of my graphics into a header. I made the poses and dresses, however she has added heads, and smudged the clothes a bit to make it less obvious - although she's done it rather badly on the blue dress, which she changed from pink. Another thing, with the one on the left, the skin tones of the head and body don't even match?!?!
These were the originals:

I've left her a polite GB message, so I'll keep you updated!

We had a chat, and I think she now understands that it's not alright just to take peoples graphics and alter them slightly! But I will be keeping an eye on her graphics page, just in case.

What are your thoughts on situations like these?

Love K xxx