So I had been working on a graphic for one of my own projects yesterday, but this afternoon I decided to go with a different tact, so wanted to share what I'd made =) I really love it, so hope you do too!
 Please view the full size, I think it looks better and clearer, but it wouldn't fit in the width of the blog nicely!

Lots of love,
K xxx


  1. i like the colour scheme!

  2. Its cute, but it looks a little plain, due to the fact you use a normal SD hair :/

  3. There is something about your graphics, that I adore. :)

  4. Your graphic skillsl are A-Class,honestly.But something about your graphics(and your doll on SD IMO) is so plain.Brighten up,More unique.Classy and elegance is key,but in a funky matter.You always use boring colors.Salmon Pink,Beige,etc.Brighten up and maybe your graphics will catch more of the eye.
    This is my honest,Critism(sp?) Sorry.