It is my pleasure to welcome you all to The Graphics Site!

Formerly known as The Graphic Vault, originally founded by Ceaara in 2011, I was gifted the opportunity to takeover this incredible blog. After months of finding myself lost, not knowing which direction to take the blog in, I realised that remaining to it's true roots was the best option. Now, we are relaunching and rebranding as The Graphics Site, but our sense of community, support, and notoriety for showcasing the best talent in the industry has been amplified and is here to stay.

During the five years this blog has existed, the universal community of Stardoll has changed a lot. So, below are a few questions and answers that will hopefully give you some insight into this blogs purpose;

What is The Graphics Site? 

The Graphics Site (TGS) is an open space for graphic designers on Stardoll to publicly share their work, receive feedback and praise from other designers and our followers. It is a shared blog, with a vast list of "writers" whom are free to post their work whenever they wish, and also able to comment on the work of others, offering praise, advice, and positive critique. More than anything, TGS is a safe space where a community with a mutual interest in graphics can share their work and see the work of others.

How do I become a writer?

We are always looking for new writers here on TGS! All you have to do is fill out the short form in the comments section on our "APPLY" tab. Applications are reviewed regularly to ensure fresh talent is inducted into the blog. We also run a scouting service, where our respected admins keep an eye out for people we think would be a perfect fit for TGS - we reach out to those individuals, in the hopes they will join our community. One thing we have prided ourselves on for the past five years, is never prioritizing applicants who are viewed as "popular", we focus purely on the talent and potential of our applicants.

Who can comment on the posts here?

Currently, anybody with a Google account can comment on posts. Anonymous comments are disabled to ensure prevention of trolls and negative comments in general. Of course, not everyone sees eye to eye, and people like to share their opinions even if they may be of a negative nature - we do our best to moderate the comments on all posts, and have a zero tolerance policy for discriminatory or highly offensive behaviour.  Our main priority is ensuring our writers and overall community feel safe, respected, and able to express their opinion freely without hateful backlash. We are also working on configuring Disqus commenting, to give a more communal and relaxed feel to the comments section of posts.

Are the writers obligated to scheduled posting?

Some designers can knock out 3 or 4 graphics a week, others prefer to take time on one piece; that's why here at TGV, there is absolutely no obligation to post any certain amount of times. Writers are free to post as often or little as they like. Of course, we encourage our writers to post regularly and fully integrate into the community as much as they can, but we respect the fact that some people may not be able to post as often as others. We also expect our writers to be courteous and not post directly after another writer has published a post, it's important that none of the posts overshadow one another.

Is this just a blog for people to post their graphics?

The main purpose of TGS is to be an open space for designers to share their work, but that is not all the blog will be. We will hold regular competitions, where our followers can win Stardollars or even free/discounted orders, as well as featured Tips & Tricks posts, graphic design tutorials, giveaways, and more! It is important to us that the readers feel as involved in the blog as the writers do.

Will the posts here be shared anywhere else?

TGS has on official Facebook page, which can be found here. On our Facebook page, we will "Share" all our posts so that you never miss out, as well as post about Facebook exclusive competitions and giveaways. Please "Like" our page to stay updated with TGS.

When will the new writers be added to the blog? 

Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be inviting a handful of designers to take part in a trial period, where they will be able to post and share their work for a limited time. On Thursday the 1st of September 2016, we will be hosting an induction event over on our Facebook page, announcing the writers who will be given a permanent position here on TGS. The TGS induction event will be a glamorous affair, where everyone can send in their looks and be featured on our carpet! More information on the TGS induction event will be posted soon - but the date is set, so start getting your looks ready!

If you have any other questions or concerns about the blog, please feel free to contact the owner (Jailer) via the methods found under our "CONTACT" tab.

Thank you all - I am very excited to be launching what I hope to be an exciting new project, offering opportunities to some amazing designers.




  1. Congratulations for the new start! I hope everything goes well for TGS! :)

  2. Please, write me on facebook. I write to you on there but you don't write me back.