Blues | Practice

This weekend I put aside some time to make a graphic - and I hope to try this every weekend so I can stop getting rusty like I am already! Chose a model from my model call on facebook and Isabella8103 was perfect for the look of the image I had chosen:
I think it looks better at this smaller size than the full one, so this is what I'm publishing! It's not great, but I do like certain aspects of it - the shoes were silver and I have attempted some sort of effect, it's not there yet, but I think with some work it could get there! And the collar was some sort of angora fur I think and very light and fluffy which I found difficult to replicate. However getting to do a graphic is a joy in itself so I don't mind some small errors so much^

Let me know what you think in the comments =D


  1. I love this and the perspective of it too! Isabella was definitely the right model choice for this too :)

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