Hey there! It's been a while

I've been extremely overbooked this past month, plus lets not mention school which has been extremely overwhelming! Today I bring you a Haul of some of the graphics I've made in the month.

Lately I feel like the posts on the vault are lacking quality, wether its the graphic work itself or the way we describe I work, please everybody, remember this site is dedicated to excellence and STANDARDS. High ones, from the previous iconic graphic designers that were here to the current ones such as Jack, as new posters our responsibility is to live up to these standards, never forget.

Moving on from that here's the first graphic:

So I got a request by Stefan or Ana_Star14, we talked about what he wanted and he mentioned he wanted it to be magical, and y'all know me, I automatically went into full fairytale mode

I truthfully didn't picture it looking like Rapunzel but some people say it does look like so. From the extremely slinky body I felt more like it was a forest fairy, I took inspiration mostly from "Pan's Labyrinth" If you haven't watched this movie, DO IT. It's extremely beautiful as most of Guillermo Del Toro movies.

I experimented a lot with the lighting my fave part has to be of course, the hair, I love long hair and I feel I pulled off a very elegant looking technique for this one, im also quite proud of the dress, since flowy fabrics are so not my forte.

Second Graphic:

I must say this was a fairly rushed graphic, I did it to take a breathe from making LOVE Collection, since it was already becoming overwhelming I love the dress and the hair, The rest to me is meh but it fulfilled to purpose which was emptying my mind for a little bit, there wasnt much inspiration behind this, I mostly wanted my doll to look cute.

Third graphic:

Next we hace this graphic I made for Above Stardoll, when Scarlett and Lindsay contacted me I was quite excited since they sent me this stunning reference, I love the extremely chic style but still very feminine,  for once I enjoyed making black fabric. and the hair has to me some of my best work.

Fourth Graphic:

I made this banner for "The Stardoll Awards" It took multiple hours to draw all the details on the dress, but i feel quite happy with how it looks, for the graphic we chose to go with a neutral old hollywood glamour hair, hence the vintage hairstyle, it was my first time doing lips and i think they came out quite okay.

Im currently working along Pau.Cam.Arena in a project called  "Stardoll Fashion Week" or SFW as you may remember TTT Fashion weekend brought the most talented and creative minds together to showcase their work, well we're trying to bring that back so if you guys want to participate with a collection, magazine, etc feel free to comment down below or message me!

As always don't forget to thick a box and leave a comment! I love getting your feedback! Talk to you soon! 

Btw: How amazing was Keshan's last graphic? 


  1. Wow , it's amazing , this quality. My favourite is definitly the one for Above Stardoll , i'm speechless! Congrats Pablo! xo


  2. love them all , good job :)

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