New Look!

The Graphic Vault proudly presents the new banner, by yours truly XxSophiie.LuvxX

The Banner should be a representation of the owners personal style, so I chose to make something quite extravagant but with a very simplistic style to it

I also loved the androgynous style of it! It's quite a demure statement but it should still be considered

There's not much to the graphic, I think its quite appealing to the eye and I fell in love with it! Plus after some recent event's it's nice to have a darker skin doll featured in the banner of this wonderful blog!

I'd also like to announce that from today on we will be renewing banners every 3-4 months, and the creator of the banner will be the contributor that has the most viewed post during this time period, designers don't forget in this blog we get hundreds of views a week, and it should be considered an honor to feature your work as the representation of our graphics community 

As always please leave a comment, thick a box! I'm really excited to know what you guys think!
xo. Pablo 


  1. Personally I'm not a fan - I think the blog had a much more classic and well-working neutral look with the makeover we only fairly recently had from Jack. To me the pink and font is just gaudy. Sorry, just my opinion!

    1. I kinda agree. I mean i like it but I just dont think it was as good as the last blog.

  2. The graphic is good, don't get me wrong, but I personally feel like it doesn't represent the blog as well as the previous layout/banner did. Also, to my mind this is too drag queen-y and the naked (and flat... and hanging) breast is kinda distracting...
    And yeah, I really don't like the breast, the nipple is too low for my taste. Sorry Pablo :/

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