"And my jazz collection's rare..."

Hello! ˆ-ˆ
After all the hurry and craziness to make outfits for the Stardoll Fashion Week, I finally have time to post this graphic I finished on the beginning of the last week:

It was requested by Luiza (blinnes) and I felt in love with the reference she sent me for that graphic. It was so vintage and cute! I had a lot of ideas for the background in the moment I saw it. I personally love the overall result, but I'm still not sure about the colors. Well, the customer loved the work, so I'm happy with it.
What do you think? 
Leave a comment / tick a box cause I'm always open for good suggestions and critics. :)


  1. It's so beautiful!!!! So gorgeous and retro! Love it!! *-*

  2. Gosh this is so gorgeous!! You did an amazing job!!

  3. I LUV DIS!!!! Love the shoes, the HAIR (like OH MY GOSH *_*) and the overall look of the graphic. Well done!!!
    (Ps. I'd love to learn this flawless hair technique)