So it's been a while - Christian Siriano

Been a bit since I've posted a graphic! And boy my techniques are rusty, so I'm pretty pleased I managed to complete a whole piece in just a couple of days =) 
There are many little faults and mistakes with this piece, I think I could have worked more on the skin shading in all areas of it, the models right underarm stands out to me as just needing a little more. The hair is a marked improvement for me I think, it's not there just yet, but I've made a step in the right direction! Some areas look good, like the models right side of hair, and kind of the top half of the rest. It goes a little astray towards the ends, but hey, I can work on that for next time =)

Please leave me some comments - and if you have some constructive tips, particularly for hair, they are most welcome =)


  1. I think its perfect.. you could practice with my face... :P jk. I love the attitude it conveys.

  2. This is a lovely poece and I think it stands out from some of your recent posts as the most polished! Glad to see you working on your graphics again! You know I've developed an intense love for making hair, and I think you'd achieve much better resulys if some parts of it were shaped better, softer lines prettier curves! On the right side of the hair it seems to be a layer of hair on top of the other, i'd recommend making the shading that goes in the underneath area curvier, just to give it a softer flow, also try highlighting with a lighter tone of brown or set your highlight layer in yhe overlay setting, that makes for a much more natural realistic tone, if you add a few flyways or strands of hair it will also look a lot better! And shade the bottom part pf the hair always! It adds more depth and definition to the whole look! Xo. Hope my advice is useful! ❤️