Hello everyone! Yay is finally finished :D I really enjoyed doing this one, I loved the way the skirt turned out and the hair is pretty cute too.
I had this picture since forever and always wanted to turn it into a graphic.

I really liked the graphic with those two backgrounds, but the girl who requested the graphic used another one.

 As always, here is the before and after of the face. (After changing her mind a million times the girl decided she wanted different lips. That's why the aren't the same as in the graphic.)

Did you like the graphic? If you did, please click on the good boxes and leave me a comment. If you think is not so good, mark the bad box and leave me a comment with a constructive criticism.

Feedback's are always appreciated. Thank you!


  1. I kind of feel like the hair, or at least your hair technique maybe, doesn't quite fit with the rest of the graphic/the techniques you've used for clothing and skin, I'm not sure, something about it doesn't quite sit right with me =/ I do really like the rest of the piece though =)

    1. I don't think it really matters that the hair technique is different from the clothes and skin because on vexels that's how is done. I'm sorry you didn't liked the way I did, but I like the both techniques I know for doing hair :3

  2. Your graphic is amazing !