EDIT 17th Dec 14: I've now added a larger/better version of the graphic =)

Another one for this weekend - this one I actually just did! The model is Baylee8172 who replied to my little casting call on my FB page yesterday and I felt she fitted the graphic the best. With this piece my aim really was to make myself enjoy sitting down and working on graphics - I'm very busy in RL now and any free time I have had, I haven't wanted to do any graphics because they can take a lot of energy, time and patience, however I made myself sit down and complete this. I'm hoping I can set aside time at weekends to put work into graphics, as they really are one of my favourite pastimes and I've definitely neglected them in the past year for uni work, but that was pretty important! 
Anyway, this is a simple piece really, I spent time on the clothing and I'm pleased with that. Some aspects of the skin I like, and some I don't, for example the models left arm, the shading just isn't right - despite this, I'm very pleased with how it all worked out!

Please let me know what you think, and if you tick "Needs More Work" please leave some constructive criticism =)


  1. I like this, its a great piece, I love the shading on the clothes, specially the shorts, however i think the skin looks a little flat, either way it's great to see that you're back making graphics (:


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