PS: The shoes and Bikini are not shaded or well done because well meh I just added them to cover her privates 

So I was planning to release a fashion line this fall but due to (being overworked at ) the graphics projects task taking over my time i had to postpone that, anyhow I had intended to use this body for the models, Id love to know what you think! The model is Jack's doll cause the face is so flawless right now I just can't 

I decided to not use it because well i don't know I'm just not feeling the body shape a lot, I love how the breast area came along though ! 

It's a short post because I have so much on my plate now (gotta make 10 dresses IRL by november 14th) but I don't like being inactive ! 

The show was gonna be inspired by this song!


Leave a comment, tick a box, ask for the Png version of this hair whatever you feel like doing ! xx.


  1. LOVE my face in this! But for me there's far too many shading layers, but that's just me, I always like to keep layers to a minimum. The skin is a tad too saturated as well, and the head is a little big. The hair is so pageant queen I adore it

    1. I agree! I noticed the over saturation but for the purposes of the clothes i liked it since there were sheer elements it just allowed the skin to still shine, all of it was just a try out thats why the head is a bit off i added it quickly to post it here haha, omg ikr? i love this barbie hair (did it before jeremy scott) ๐Ÿ˜˜

  2. The skin tone of the face doesn't match that of the body which is the main problem for me! Otherwise I quite like it =)

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