My journey on "The Graphics Project"

This is my first entry. I think that it's actually the best one I gave in and really helped me step strong into the competition. I honestly think that it is one of my best graphics up to this day and shows that I put a great amount of effort into it. The snakeskin was quite challenging but it added to the 'wow' factor I wanted this image to have. I only received negative feedback for the rather small hand and awkward clavicle.

My second entry received very positive feedback and I was also given really helpful tips, especialy from Kirsten, on how I should have diversity in my shading depending on the item I am drawing. I am very fond of the hand and detailed nails. However, the face lacks shading and the hair is quite messy.

For task 3, we had to portray a certain artist and I was given Lana Del Rey along with a group of other contestants. To my opinion I did capture her vibe quite well but unfortunately the judges did not agree with me on that and I also did not receive the best feedback because of many little errors on my work. I am very proud of the hair and background though.

Task 4 was very demanding, as expected, since it was about time for all contestants to show if they were capable of shading all sorts of garments and deal with more complex graphics. Surprisingly to my expectations, I did quite well and managed to save myself from elimination. I am quite proud of this graphic as I was never able to draw leather or fur before.

This was the final task for me. Task 5 was to make a header for the legendary 'Haus of X'. The announcement of the results of this task was a moment I honestly feared as I was well aware of how bad my entry was compared not only to what wonderful artworks the other contestants were going to present but also to my previous entries. Having very limited time to work on due to schoolwork I only managed to give in this very weak graphic. The only part I like from it is the hair.

What do you think of my journey on TGP? 


  1. It was an absolute pleasure having you as a contestant! I genuinely hope to see you keep working hard on your graphics, you have such an amazing amount of potential <3

    1. Thank you so much honey! I will most likely apply for season 2 if I have the time :)

  2. Your graphics are so fresh it gives me like a light feeling!

    1. Really? I've never heard that before.Thank you so much :)

  3. I have already told you this, but regardless of what the out come of the last task was, you are one talented person in so many ways, If you keep going you're gonna be unstoppable , because you have all that in you!

    1. Thank you so much my love :* I am planning a big thing soon so let's see how that will go ;)

    2. That sounds so exciting!! can't wait to see!! better maake at least one spooky graphic for the season bae

    3. Haha, I'll accept the challenge!

  4. I like your graphics. Your graphics are better than my graphics. I am sorry. I now, my english is not very good, becouse i am from poland.

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